Rules - Design Philosophy

Design Goals and Philosophy

These rules are a work in progress, and while one person may have written them down and created a page for them, you, the player, have every chance to help us build and grow this game. 
Design Goals
The Rising Dark Rule Set was created with the following goals in mind.
  • It's a D6 (six sided dice) based system.
  • The rules should be simple yet effective as a basic role-playing game.
  • These rules provide a framework, while The Rising Dark expands on that framework by focusing on fantasy role-playing.
  • The system should be orientated to telling a good story rather than simulation.
  • It should be developed with a ShareAlike license. Note that this license includes only this rules set, which lives on this page, not the adventure set out in the rest of this site.
Nothing exists in a vacuum, and The Rising Dark is no exception. I'm indebted to those who have come before and done such great work on their own role-playing games. Here is a list of links that have inspired or in some way contributed to The Rising Dark:
  • The Free RPG Blog: insights on building your own RPG and putting it out into the community for free. 
  • Sentinels Watching: my own work that provided the basis for the tutorial adventure.

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